Pete "DANGER" ""AWESOMe"" """DUDE""" Best (debonairepiere) wrote in aprayerforyou,
Pete "DANGER" ""AWESOMe"" """DUDE""" Best

Hello, I really hope someone still reads this, but I have a few prayer requests.

I've been putting these requests off for so long because it just seems natural for me to shove God out of the way and only pay attention to him when I feel like it. but here they are, I hate to vent to people online, but I feel like I NEED someone to hear me.

First off, I am a runner, I run Track and Cross Country and despite what some people think about running, I love it. Last February after coming out of a wrestling season, I injured my knee. The doctors can't figure out what is wrong with my knee and I've been praying God will heal me so I can do what I love and continue running, maybe even in college.

I started to adjust to not being able to work out much, but five days ago I fell about 41/2 feet while rock climbing straight onto my ankle. My ankle is practically immobile with tissue damage, "internal" bleeding, and possible torn ligaments and bone fractures. and I am in a great deal of pain and I can't even walk without crutches. I know God may be doing this to bring me through a valley in order to draw me closer towards him in my walk, but I can't help thinking he may be punishing me for the way I've been slowly sub-consciously secularizing my life and straying away from his path.

I want to grow closer to Christ and I feel dead when I am not walking with him. I know this is an incredibly selfish request, whining about a bad knee and an ankle that hurts, but I am extremely unhappy, and I just want God to turn my life around.



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