Pete "DANGER" ""AWESOMe"" """DUDE""" Best (debonairepiere) wrote in aprayerforyou,
Pete "DANGER" ""AWESOMe"" """DUDE""" Best

Please pray for my brothers knee.

I love him and can see he is going through pain.

I'm still trying to recover from a knee injury so I know how he feels.

Pray that the Lord will restore him, please.
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Dear Lord hear our prayer,
Please heal that boy's knee, take away his pain and be with him through his recovery.
We ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
My Dear Brother in Christ,

God has it all in control...Surrender it to him! If you need Healing ....Believe & Recieve it in Jesus' Name. Leave it in his hands!!! AMEN!!! God Bless....May He help you in your time of unbelief.

May He give you assurance knowing that He is the great physician.
Praise Him In advance for the healing of not only your brother, but also for you!!
God Bless!